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Electronic cigarettes have become bigger than some expected them to be. Today is no longer just a tobacco substitute. It has become bigger than that. It has created an entirely new culture aimed to topple the archaic smoking experience.

hks700eThe vaping industry is currently valued at about a billion dollars. Last year, the industry sold about $2.5 billion. That is about four times of the sales that was recorded a year before. The increase in electronic cigarette sales and the decline in tobacco sales made people think that there is a new order being put in place.

Tobacco control and social stigma have contributed to impact tobacco sales. It is possible that electronic cigarettes can kill off tobacco. And this could be the reason why Big Tobacco has been serious in their foray into the industry. This could mean that down the road tobacco will cease to exist and every smoker will be switching to a safer and less harmful alternative.

One thing that goes for electronic cigarette is the elevated experience. Vapers, for now, are generally able to do their vaping almost everywhere. Of course, this is about to change as more and more jurisdictions have been banning vaping indoors. Schools and some workplaces are following suit. But, the push for non-nicotine vaping should prove be a better alternative for smokers that are trying to get the experience and abandon tobacco at the same time. However, this is harder to implement. It is not easy for business owners or public space security to know that a vape contains no nicotine or not.

The new experience of vapes is a factor why smokers are going to switch. They know that electronic cigarettes offer a different kind of experience. The flavors that electronic cigarettes carry offers a new look to an old addiction. The fact that electronic cigarettes have the ability to taste different each time is a factor that will draw old and new smokers alike. And this is another concern for people against vaping.

Another thing that Big Tobacco is afraid is the cannibalization of the young market. It is evident that young smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes. Surveys are saying that there are more dual smokers today than a year before. This means that young smokers are trying to use electronic cigarettes to get a better deal for their smoking habit.

This is a double-edged sword. While it means a good thing for the electronic cigarette industry, it can also be a source of controversy. This early, parents and health authorities are looking to prevent young people to use electronic cigarettes. They see that electronic cigarettes are drawing young people to be addicted to nicotine. It is feared that electronic cigarettes will act like a gateway to try stronger nicotine sources such as tobacco itself.

The tobacco industry is worried that there would be no new generation that will patronize their products. Every new smoker will pick up vaping because it is safer and less harmful.

And this is also the fear of tobacco eliminationists. Smokers will have less reasons to quit because they are still getting the nicotine without giving up tobacco. Nonsmokers will have new reasons to get nicotine because they are not getting any harm if they vape.

Tobacco may be killed off eventually. However, it would not go out silently in the night. It will still give up a good fight. Big Tobacco will continue to place its bets on both industries. Big Tobacco knows that it will be the big winner whatever happens.

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