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Anybody who has been reading the papers or have been watching network news probably knows about how smoking kills. Smoking is the greatest killer of our time. It has transcended generations and has been killing people ever since. The World Health Organization said that about a billion people would have been killed by the end of the current century if nothing is done against the prevalence of tobacco smoking.

hks700 e-cigaretteQuitting smoking is extremely difficult. Around 20 percent of smokers that actually attempted to quit are able to come out unscathed. The rest, they are back smoking cigarettes like nothing has happened. It is not that the smokers have fallen into apathy about their situation. It is not that smokers are ignorant about the health risks. They are just unable to quit because parting with tobacco is more than just sweet sorrow. It is a hellish nightmare.

However, smokers everywhere are rejoicing because a new technology allows them to get what they need without getting the things that they don’t want. Tobacco smoking is a big deal because of one thing: nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that allows the brain to feel good. The problem is that nicotine is sourced mainly from burning tobacco. Each time a smoker inhales a tobacco smoke, aside from nicotine, thousands of other harmful chemicals are also getting inhaled. Cigarette smoke is one of the most toxic substances that humans put in their bodies. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease causing six million deaths worldwide and another 600,000 deaths due to second-hand smoke.

We don’t know the real health risks posed by electronic cigarettes. We are not even clear if electronic cigarettes can indeed help smokers quit smoking. But, common sense and logic will tell us that fewer toxins and lower amounts of chemicals can be better than tobacco. In fact, there is nothing that is more dangerous than tobacco. As vapers try electronic cigarettes, they are able to get the nicotine that they want minus the chemicals that can kill them eventually.

Over time, electronic cigarettes and other similar devices have been a ray of hope for smokers. The devices, which are battery operated, allow vapers to inhale a cloud of vapor that is laced with nicotine. Other ingredients that are inside the vapor are either food or pharmaceutical grade. But, there is a danger. The lack of regulation makes it harder to make sure that the vapors conform to the industry standards. There is no check that only the healthiest of ingredients go into the manufacture of the liquid used in vaping.

That is why we need to regulate the industry and not to ban the products. And banning vaping in public places can be a death knell that would drive smokers away and back to the clutches of tobacco. In effect, a public smoking ban will only make it more difficult for vapers to get their nicotine. Vapers need to vape more often because of the low amount of nicotine present in electronic cigarettes. And if they are unable to vape as often as they want to then they may consider going back to tobacco since the situation is the same. They cannot vape everywhere because there is already a vaping ban.

Given the abysmal rate of smoking, we need an avant-garde approach to the problem. But, we need to also make sure that everything is in order. The FDA will eventually make a call on electronic cigarettes. Hopefully, the regulation will lead to better and safer products and will not stand in the way and stymie the growth of what could be the greatest answer to harmful cigarette smoking since the cork filter.

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