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There are these new hangouts that are attracting plenty of people where there are no booze being sold. Instead a new kind device is getting the top seat of the house. Electronic cigarettes are being peddled along with accessories and consumables. From behind the bar you can see people vaping like there is no tomorrow. It is something that smokers of yesteryears would have liked. The ability to get their nicotine wherever and whenever they like it.

Places like vaporiums are rare. But, vaping has been experiencing phenomenal growth throughout the world. The 2013 sales were four times bigger than 2012 sales numbers. One year, vapes transformed from an obscurity to something that are truly popular. And make no mistake about it. The growth potential has yet to be realized.

e-cig hks700eThe secret is in the ability to provide the same smoking experience without getting tangled in the web of harm. Tobacco is directly linked to a host of maladies. In fact, tobacco smoking is the leading cause of preventable diseases in the world. Around one billion people have died from smoking-related diseases. It is estimated that about six million people die from smoking each year said the World Health Organization.

The US Food and Drug Administration is poised to regulate the devices but the rules have yet to be released. The agency is doing a Pontius Pilate and reminding consumers that it can’t be blamed for the risks that may arise with the usage of electronic cigarettes. And it is true the real risk potential of electronic cigarettes, at this point in time, are not fully known. But the promise is better than good.

The popularity and the celebrity-backing of electronic cigarettes are sending shivers to the spine of anti-vaping advocates. Electronic cigarettes are being suspected to target nonsmokers and young people to get involved with nicotine addiction. Something that can lead young vapers to try out stronger nicotine content that is found in tobacco.

If you think about it, it is something that is nonissue. Governments should ban instead tobacco and let electronic cigarettes, regulated, to flourish. The harm is reduced and the nicotine content are checked through regulation. That means vapers are able to quit their habit because they are not that deeply associated with the nicotine addiction compared if they smoked tobacco. This way the fear of a gateway will be eliminated.

Somehow, Big Tobacco knows this strategy and has prepared well for this eventuality. The declining sales of tobacco is the writing on the wall that it waited to read. And now it is dealing with the elephant in the room by getting into the fray and launching their own vaping brands. And that can be good for electronic cigarettes as Big Tobacco will make the devices safer and more affordable to people that want them.

Proponents of electronic cigarettes are really pushing one facet of the devices. It is not about getting safe but the ability to help smokers to quit smoking. What is the beautiful about the product is that you can choose the level of nicotine that you want to get. You can start from extra-strength and help you get down to zero. Zero. Where people are basically getting water and some flavorings.

The reason why electronic cigarettes are getting the friendly bat from smokers is the harm reduction. For the first time smokers have this ability to get their nicotine at lower levels and can choose how much they are going to get. An option that is absent in tobacco smoking. It is perhaps only time will tell what the future might have for electronic cigarettes.

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