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Do Vapes Help Or Make Things Worse?

You may have seen one recently. The popularity of vaping has sent anti-smoking groups on the edge. They are afraid that vaping will undo years of effort to wean smokers away from smoking. They just can’t accept that there is a better way to enjoy nicotine without getting exposed to the problematic fumes that cause death in the first place.

Ten years ago, a Chinese pharmacist re-discovered the idea of a device that can help smokers reach nicotine and remove tar. Earlier, smoking eliminationists say that only if tobacco has no tar, the game will change dramatically. Now that the tar is removed, the game has not changed. And even the businesses that are affected by the growth of electronic cigarettes are embracing the future.

Available data show that vapes do help people quit smoking. Despite the small number of data available, the results are overwhelmingly in favor of vaping. That is why despite the protestations of anti-smoking groups, smokers just adore vaping. And the proof is in the pudding. Last year, the global vaping industry earned about $2.5 billion. The sales figures are expected to double by 2015. In 2023, industry and financial experts agree that electronic cigarettes will finally break the tobacco-sales barrier and outsell conventional tobacco which currently stands at $80 billion annually.

Vaping is not only claimed to be safer but it is proven to be one. Of course, electronic cigarettes are no saints. They too have their faults and shortcomings. But, their shortcomings are minnows compared to what smokers are getting from smoking conventional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes still have nicotine just like other nicotine-replacement products in the market today. It is certain that vapes are less addictive than tobacco due to lower doses of nicotine.

Conventional cigarette, instead of reducing addiction among smokers, have been proven to be more addictive than before. In a Harvard study it was found out that nicotine content in major brands of cigarettes has increased by 11 percent since 1997. This means today’s conventional cigarette is more addictive than before.

Health advocates including the World Health Organization are worried that electronic cigarettes also known as ENDS can attract young people to get involved with nicotine. They fear that electronic cigarettes and their ilk may invite young people to get into stronger nicotine blends, which only can be found in tobacco. This would only make matters worse, as the world fight to end tobacco smoking, electronic cigarettes are bound to undo everything.

The fact is that data is showing otherwise. Most of the young people using electronic cigarettes are already tobacco smokers. About 80 percent of those surveyed said they are using electronic cigarettes in tandem with conventional ones. This could mean two things: one, young people are trying to quit or two, they are finding ways to get less exposed to the harmful fumes of tobacco.

Smoking is risky. It is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. This is the reason why some health advocates are bolting from the traditional views of their peers. Some health advocates are saying that electronic cigarettes have the potential to save millions of lives. And they could be on to something. If vapes can save lives, who are we to deny smokers this wonderful modern medical miracle?

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